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  • Happy Lantern Festival

    On Lantern Festival, the most interesting thing is to view different kinds of lantern and guess the interesting lantern riddles! On the occasion of Lantern Festival, SIMO sincerely

  • In 2018, SIMO set sail newly!

    On first day of new year, we welcome your inquiry, SIMO will provide unique products and high quality service to return your trust and support.

  • Happy Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival comes on the first day of lunar month. On this day, the Spring Festival atmosphere reachs the most intense moment. Spring Festival has more than 4000 years of h

  • Chinese New Year's Eve

    Chinese New Year's Eve comes in the last evening of lunar year. On this occasion, every household will select Red Spring couplets affixed to the door. And Every family had a sumpt

  • SIMO's blessing in off-year

    The 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, off-year comes, the ancestor-worship ceremony. And which also is the beginning and foreshadowing of grand Spring Festival celebration.

  • Beginning of spring

    Beginning of spring approaching. In ancient times, people would pray through "greeting spring" etiquette. When spring is coming, let's go out to feel the breath of spring!

  • Super bluemoon meets total lunar eclipse

    Last night, the super bluemoon met red total lunar eclipse. Astronomically, it occurs full

  • 200℃ hot nitrogen draft fan commissioning on site

    After 48 hours of monitoring around the clock, the plant operator taked over this hot nitr

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