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What is special design for flue gas purifying induced draft fan?

Months ago, SIMO BLOWER had signed the flue gas purifying induced draft fan contract of Iranian 500 thousand tons electrolytic aluminum project. Recently the induced draft fan has been finished, after a series of strict testing, would be delivered to destination.


induced draft centrifugal blower fan


So What is the special design for flue gas purifying induced draft centrifugal blower fan?
1. To ensure the impeller only operates in one direction when induced draft blower fan stops working for maintenance. SIMO’s engineer suggest to add anti-reverse device to induced draft blower fan. What’s more, in order to the impeller operates well under high smoke dust load, the impeller was treated with special anti-wear.
2. It’s convenient for cladding rock wool layer stably when Insulation nails welded on induced draft fan’s case. The insulated cotton can reduce noise and construction risk when induced draft fan is operating.
SIMO BLOWER’s products are widely used in industrial systems, such as power generation, environmental production, chemical industry, building materials and so on. SIMO provided high quality large centrifugal fan for some national key projects. And SIMO’s centrifugal fan has exported to many countries and areas, high quality products and services won customers’ affirm.

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